Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

The Biodynamic approach to Cranial work evolved in the last 10 years of Dr Sutherland’s life, was further developed by Dr Rollin E. Becker D.O. and most recently fully articulated by Dr James Jealous D.O.

The key concept is that of the “Breath of Life” which arises out of Dynamic Stillness and in its expression that brings order and form to the body. The Breath of Life generates a number of slower rhythms or tides as well as the faster “Primary Respiratory Mechanism”. It is this Breath of Life that carries the organising principle of our bodies. The practitioner brings to the therapeutic process a presence and awareness that facilitates the therapeutic action of the Intelligence inherent in this Breath of Life.

In the Biodynamic approach, Craniosacral Therapy is applied in a fundamentally individual way. The practitioner does not determine what needs to be addressed in the client and apply techniques to address it.

Instead, the practitioner appreciates that the client’s own body knows both how it arrived at the state it is in and it also knows how best to progress from there to better health. The practitioner facilitates the therapeutic process by becoming a skilled active listener – who brings all their knowledge of anatomy, physiology and life processes in general to the treatment, but they defer to the greater intelligence being expressed in the client’s own body as it self-heals.

Because the touch which is used is very gentle, it is able to be applied where other more direct interventions are too invasive, for examples with elderly people. With babies, it is particularly appropriate in helping resolve the effects associated with a difficult birth.